What is zinc orotate and how does it help your migraines?

Zinc is an important mineral for those who suffer from migraines because it flushes heavy metals like copper and cadmium out of your system which are linked to migraines. Copper levels can become too high from birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy and is one of the most prominent toxins in our bodies. And one study found that migraineurs had an average of four times the cadmium in their blood compared to a control group.

There are many types of zinc and the most common types, gluconate and oxide, are not very bio-available; little is absorbed and used by your body. Zinc orotate is zinc that has been chelated to orotic acid and is the best type of zinc to use because it passes through cell membranes easier than other types of zinc.

Zinc is also excellent for mood support, immune support, sleep and vision! It is also an excellent antioxidant. Zinc helps diabetics by regulating blood sugar, assisting in the production of insulin and protecting insulin receptors.

If you eat processed foods and/or very little meat, a zinc supplement is a good idea. Studies show that a zinc deficiency affects an estimated 40% of the elderly in the U.S. Another study found that nearly everyone in the U.S. needs more zinc in their diets. Also, migraine sufferers tend to have much less zinc in their blood than healthy controls (One study found 24 times less zinc for migraineurs!)

Our migraine support formula has 8 bio-active nutrients that the migraine population is typically low in and we use only the highest-quality ingredients for maximum absorption and effectiveness. If you are taking supplements that aren’t bio-active (and most aren’t), they are useless to your body no matter how large a dose you take.

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