A New Study About Anti-Depressants

So a new study just came out that found that people taking anti-depressants are more depressed than those who don’t take anti-depressants. It also found that the more anti-depressants a person took, the more depressed they were.

The meta-analysis is being scrutinized and argued over as I write this. I’m not sure which side will win the debate, but I can tell you this: It has been established by a plethora of research that high-quality, bio-active vitamins and minerals can improve many health issues, including depression. It is critical though that you use bio-active nutrients. If you are using supplements that aren’t bio-active (and most aren’t), they are useless to your body no matter how large a dose you take.

Big pharma doesn’t want us to know that vitamins and minerals can help most of our problems because they can’t make as much money selling safe, natural, and healthy nutrients!

If you have migraines or diabetes and you are tired of side effects and not feeling any better, go natural! No, don’t go naked, unless you’re at home or you will be arrested, but check out the science behind our bio-active products. You’ll be glad you did.

It will change your life!!

Now go put some clothes on.

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