Guest Blog by Lucy the Dog

Hi People!

It’s Lucy and my human said I could write this blog because I’m a super smart pupper. But I’m not bragging. I adopted my person from the Human Society and discovered later that the human was returned four times for not being house trained. Yeah, not the brightest two-legged animal I’ve ever met. Shhh, here comes the dimwit now to check on my progress. This is my first ever blog and while it doesn’t directly pertain to your health and well-being, I think it is important enough to write about.

So, I’ve heard the colorful, annoying rectangle with sound say that it is very cold in many parts of the country. I feel compelled to bring up a subject that I am very concerned about: dogs who are chained outside in all kinds of weather. If you know a human who chains their dog outside when it is below freezing, please do something. Call animal control, call the police, call the Humane Society, call the Air Force or the Marines. I don’t care, just please call someone. And keep calling and calling and calling until someone does something for my poor brothers and sisters.

Dogs are the only animals on the planet who, without any special training whatsoever, will happily sacrifice our lives for our humans. In return for this undying devotion and loyalty, some people leave us outside to slowly freeze to death, or be bitten to death by fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, flies and mites. We don’t have thumbs or cell phones and can’t call 911 to let a dispatcher know that we are dying of hypothermia, infection or disease. It is up to you nice humans to use your voices to speak for those of us who don’t have voices.

If your friend or neighbor can’t bring their dog inside for some reason, then maybe the best thing to do is surrender the dog to the nearest shelter. At least then the dog has a chance of being adopted and living inside with a family, where she belongs. There are also non-profits that build and deliver doghouses and/or straw. At least straw will provide some insulation and keep the dog off the wet, cold ground. However, that still doesn’t address the neglect of relegating a social animal to a lifetime of loneliness and lack of interaction with dogs and people.

Even if you are not a “dog person” (what’s wrong with you?) you know deep down that it is wrong and cruel to leave an animal outside during extreme weather. Cats who are outside can move around and find a place that is less cold, such as the engine of your car (my feline friends ask that you please bang on the hood before starting your car! They say meow, I mean, thanks). Dogs and cats should still be brought inside though. Dogs on chains are completely helpless and cannot move to a warmer place out of the wind and cold.

Dogs with short coats or thin coats, such as my pibble brothers and sisters suffer the worst. If you’re not sure about intervening and helping, consider these questions: If you saw a two-year old child chained outside when it’s only 5 degrees, would you do something? Does a living being suffer less because she has four legs instead of two? Would you want to be chained outside when it’s only 5 degrees?

Thanks in advance for caring and taking action. Woof!! And meow! I’m bilingual! See, I really am a smart pupper like the dense human says.

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