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About Leaning Tree Naturals

Leaning Tree Naturals is committed to bringing you superior supplements. All our supplements contain only top-quality, bio-available ingredients. Each product is manufactured ethically and honestly.

Integrity. Quality. Passion.

These are more than just words to us; they are the foundation of our business.

About Our Products

Leaning Tree Naturals products are exclusively manufactured in an honest and ethical facility. Each proprietary formula is designed to help alleviate symptoms of specific health issues. Our formulas contain vitamins and minerals that your body requires to perform at its peak, but may be lacking because of diet, stress, or other factors.

At Leaning Tree Naturals, we combine the bio-available forms of these vitamins and minerals into one or two pill doses, making it easy for you to improve your health and reducing the number of daily pills required to obtain optimum health and wellness.

About Our Founder

Leaning Tree Naturals was founded in 2017 by Sheryl Benning. In 2011, Sheryl suffered a concussion that resulted in daily migraines and a need to take prescription medication in an effort to control them. As a certified nursing assistant, Sheryl knew that the potential side effects of the medications could lead to further health issues. She set out to find a more natural way to manage her migraines.

Sheryl started taking numerous bio-available supplements. Within 2 weeks, she had eliminated her migraines completely. After this realization, Sheryl set out to create her own proprietary Migraine Support formulation, combining key bio-available vitamins and minerals into one product with the goal of helping others experience the relief from migraines that she has.